St. Vincent DePaul Society

Conference President   Kathleen Mulherin

Vice President
Don Chabot

Deacon Robert Lemay

Food Pantry
Dick Reilly

Needy Cases
Deborah Journalist

Thrift Shop
Mary Daly

Noah Shelter
Pat Hurton
Lorraine Ghibaudi

Friendly Visits
Frances Parsons

Steve Morrison

Madeline Ambrose

Dotty Hiltz


St Vincent DePaul Society

“No work of Charity is foreign
to the Society”



The Mission of the Christ the King Conference is to help the needy within our parish boundaries regardless of race, creed, political standing or origin. Help may include food, clothing, assistance with rent and mortgages, utilities and other necessities of life. One of the basic tenants of the society is to meet face to face with those in need.


L-R Madeline Ambrose, Don Chabot, Lorraine Ghibaudi, Dick Reilly, Pat Hurton, Steve Morrison, Dorothy Hiltz,
Frances Parsons, Deborah Journalist, Deacon Robert Lemay and Kathleen Mulherin
Absent from the photo, Mary Daly


Christ the King Conference of St. Vincent DePaul Society was founded in 1984 almost simultaneously with the CTK Parish. It has grown in size from 12 members to 295 volunteers working in six ministries. The St. Vincent DePaul Society is a lay Catholic organization founded in 1833. Its purpose today, as in 1833, is to help the needy. The Society was founded by Fredric Ozanam, a student at the University of Paris, to help the poor in Paris. It was named after St. Vincent DePaul who was known for helping the poor in the 1600’s.

Our Christ the King Conference is part of the Cape & Islands District, comprised of 17 Catholic Parishes on Cape Cod. Our Conference serves the communities of Mashpee, Cotuit and part of Marstons Mills. We in turn are connected to the State, National and International Vincentian community, again with the sole purpose of following in the footsteps of St. Vincent DePaul and his mission. We are all unpaid volunteers of many faiths and come from surrounding communities.


In the early eighties the society, with 12 members, visited the sick in local hospitals, visited the shut-ins, those in need of a friendly face and met with needy families. In 1987, in conjunction with the NOAH Shelter in Hyannis, a fourth ministry was formed to assemble and cook meals twice a month. That program was expanded to supply clothing and breakfast fixings. That same year we started collecting money for Christmas gifts.

In 1989 our own Food Pantry was established by an expanded membership of 23. By 1991 it grew to 58, today there are 80 Vincentians working at the pantry. As you can see by the picture above the Parish purchased a new (to us) truck that helps tremendously in picking up purchased and donated food .This is a fantastic asset and we thank Deacon Fantasia and these folks that donated to the purchase and setting up the truck.

In 1996 a clothing center was opened on Route 28, again with the mission of helping the needy to a now astounding 145 members. The clothing store has out grown the three buildings providing clothing to the needy and also the astute capewide shoppers.

As you will read below, the Pantry has seen a growth from 25 families a week to 98 families. We expend $70,000 on food a year. Most of our purchases are through the Greater Boston Food Bank and supplemented with local wholesale suppliers. Roche Bros and Stop & Shop are another source.

We now have 16 Needy Case Workers who meet with clients in their homes to assist with financial issues which have only grown worse due to our faltering economy. We spent about $4000.00 a month in housing, fuel and energy assistance.



The Knights of Cloumbus Joe Mooney and Chick Mulrain
present a check for $11,400 to Dick Riley for the SVDP
Food Pantry. Many thanks to the Knights for their generousity.




This past Thanksgiving, Christ the King Parishioners participated in the “Fill-a-bag” program where they shopped, assembling and purchased a non-perishable Thanksgiving dinner, with all the fixings, the society  then added a family sized turkey and vegetables for over 256 families who use our pantry. It continues to be a colossal success.


The Parish community continued to support the Parish and the Society‘s efforts to bring Christmas to those in need. $15,282.00 was raised to give 83 Christmas dinners, Gift Certificates for 185 children and Food Gift certificates to supplement the Christmas dinner. We had a joyous and tear filled distribution day just before Christmas and we received many “thank you” notes from families and children thanking us for their gifts.


We have expanded our horizons and are actively searching for grants to supplement the generous donations of the Parish and its Parishioners. Through the generosity of The Golf Club of Cape Cod/The Cape Cod Foundation donated $8000 to help Veterans and Active Duty Servicemen adjusting to daily life. The Stop & Shop Corporation supports us with a special program where a portion of the proceeds of certain sale items is donated to SVDP. This past January they presented us with a check for $10,938.  The Town of Mashpee Human Services Commission recognized the work of the Needy Case ministry and awarded us with a grant of $3000. We welcomed an additional grant to help Mashpee residents whose need resurfaced within our 18 month timeframe. Bill Zammer and family awarded us $5000 worth of food for the pantry. FEMA , Project Bread, The Kelley Foundation, Mashpee Commons, The Housing With Love Walk, Mashpee Women’s Club, New Seabury Women’s Club, The Christ The King Charitable Golf Tournament have donated cash, gifts or Grants to assist our mission.

Daily, volunteers collect bread at both Stop & Shops and Roche Bros Super markets. In addition Pepperidge Farm donates a truck load of dated bread. Every Tuesday night sees volunteers picking up breads at Panera Bread in Hyannis. The Tea Shop in Mashpee Commons donates breads and pastries to the pantry.

BJ’s in Hyannis, as part of their Charitable Foundation and working with the Greater Boston Food Bank, donates perishable products as part of the National Feed the Hungry effort.



Conference President ~ Kathie Mulheirn

Vice Presedent ~ Don Chabot 


Christ the King Conference of St. Vincent DePaul Society was founded in 1984 almost simultaneously with the CTK Parish. It has grown in size from 12 members to 314 volunteers working in five ministries. The St. Vincent DePaul Society is a lay Catholic
organization founded in 1833. Its purpose today, as in 1833, is to help the needy.

The Society was founded by Fredric Ozanam, a student at the University of Paris, to help the poor in Paris. It was named after St. Vincent DePaul who was known for
helping the poor in the 1600’s.

Our Conference is part of the Cape & Islands District, comprised of 17 Catholic Parishes committed to serving those in need. We in turn are connected to the State, National and International Vincentian community, again with the sole purpose of following in the footsteps of St. Vincent DePaul and his mission.

Food Pantry ~ Dick Reilly


The pantry is open every Wednesday, year around, from 10am till noon and in addition on the second and last Wednesday from 5pm till 7pm. Our Goal is to supplement the food needs and provide five days of food for families in need. Upwards to 75 families are served each week by our 20 volunteers.

The main source of our food comes from the Greater Boston Food Bank, without it we would not be able to furnish the quality and variety of foods. We provide eggs, cheese, canned vegetables and a variety of meats and fish. We also receive free food from the Federal Government’s USDA and the State MEFAP programs. Both of these programs supply food at no charge to us! We also purchase additional food from food wholesalers and local supermarkets.

Daily, Roche Brothers and Stop & Shop donate breads and baked goods near expiration. This adds a wonderful variety to the menu. Parishioners donate food on a regular basis in answer to appeals in the bulletin.

Food drives by the USPS- “Mothers Day Drive”, local schools, Boy and Girl Scouts and others contribute to the food supply.  Food is collected at local banks by volunteers.

Over the past years our cost has increased to $50,000.00 per year. This growth is sustained by the generosity of the Christ The King Parish, our Parishioners, charitable Donations and actively searching for grant programs.

The Thanksgiving “Fill a Bag” program, where parishioners provided a complete traditional Thanksgiving meal, with turkeys, to over 265 families.

At Christmas we prepare fixing’s for a ham or turkey dinner for families.

For the past three years, we collected enough bags to provide an Easter ham dinner for 150 families.

We provide cooked meals, prepared by our Vincentians, aka “the Noah Cookers”, for 80 people, delivered to the NOAH Shelter in Hyannis twice a month as well as uncooked breakfast foods.

The pantry manager is an active member in the Cape Hunger Network where resources, bundled purchasing agreements, information and new ideas, are shared at quarterly meetings.


Needy Cases ~ Deborah Journalist


St Vincent De Paul, through its Needy Case Ministry, provides emergency assistance to those, who because of sickness, injury, job loss, or other situations, require help in meeting their bills.   Emergency assistance may include helping to pay a utility bill, rent/mortgage, or for another of life’s necessities.   A home visit is required where the SVDP Case Worker team would assess the needs and means of the client and work out a help plan – this is done on a confidential basis and sensitive to the dignity of the client.  In addition to financial assistance the plan may include providing food and clothing through SVDP’s Pantry and Clothing Center.

Our guideline is to give a client financial help once in eighteen months.   We network
with other help agencies on the Cape and they participate in many of our financial packages.  The economic downturn over the last several years has caused a surge in those needing assistance, many for the first time. Even with a gradual improvement, because of the continuing shortage of jobs the demand persists. Fortunately, because of the generosity within our parish, the community and shrinking government programs we are responding to the needy.

Our Needy Case Ministry covers parish boundaries in the communities of Mashpee, Cotuit and Marstons Mills (West of Route 149).   

Need help?  You may reach us by calling the Christ the King Parish Office at 508- 477-7700 and follow the prompts to SVDP Help Line where you can leave a message.


Thrift Shop ~ Mary Daly


The Clothing Center, located at 4463 Falmouth Road, Cotuit, is committed to serving the needs of the community through the distribution and sale of used clothes and household items of good quality at very low prices. We also sell furniture at reasonable prices.

Gently used clothing, as well as household items and furniture are accepted. Please call us at 508-420-0949 to talk about furniture.

The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 3pm.

All are welcome to come and shop and proceeds are used to support the works of the Parish Education Program and our own St. Vincent de Paul Society in giving financial aid to the needy, maintaining the food pantry, and providing help wherever needed.

The Shop donates clothing to Noah Shelter, Independence House and Emerson House. $25.00 vouchers are offered to the Pantry users and Needy Case clients. We have 145 volunteers who dedicate their time in a spirit of friendship and caring for one another and the community in which we serve.

We are very proud of our Center for the wonderful quality of clothing, the friendly atmosphere – and above all the FANTASTIC BARGAINS!

We are open to all! Come shop!

The Clothing Center ~ 4463 Falmouth Road, Cotuit ~ Tel. 508-420-0949 ~ Hours: Tues. – Sat., 10 AM – 3 PM ~ Director: Mary Daly, Co-Director: Maury Gifford


Noah Shelter ~ Pat Hurton & Lorraine Ghibaudi


NOAH Shelter in Hyannis provides overnight housing for individual men and women as well as an evening meal and breakfast.  The shelter relies on various churches and organizations to provide a dinner for eighty people each night. 
Christ The King SVDP Cooking Team has been cooking dinners for NOAH Shelter twice each month for over twenty years.  With over Seventy-five members we are able to divide the group into four teams so that each person cooks part of a meal every other month in their own home.  We now cook for eighty people each time to cover some homeless people who are not able to stay overnight.  Our members find this ministry very satisfying.

Several members of our Society have been volunteering directly at NOAH Shelter for many years.   We sort and organize the clothing donations.  Our SVDP Thrift Shop donates much of the needed clothing.
Our SVDP also provides a generous quarterly allowance to purchase items that are much needed at the shelter but not usually included in donations of clothing.  This winter this allowance has enabled the purchase of underwear, socks, thermal underwear, sweat pants, warm caps, and gloves. 

The pantry purchases and delivers breakfast fixings twice a month which is cooked and served by the NOAH staff in Hyannis.



Friendly Visits ~ Frances Parsons


The friendly visitors’ ministry began as the need to keep in contact with parishioners who were homebound, lonely or in nursing homes. We receive names of people desirous of a friendly visit from the parish office, parishioners, the Hospital Visitation Ministry and the Mashpee Senior Center Outreach Coordinator. 

Our purpose is to provide a contact with the parish, bringing parish news and social life. A copy of the Bulletin is given to each person. Requests for Eucharist and priest visits are relayed to the parish office. Our volunteers are carefully screened before they are allowed to begin their ministry.  We currently have 12 volunteers in our Friendly Visitors Ministry.


Treasurer ~ Steve Morrison


As a member of the Board of Directors, the treasurer manages the finances of the Conference. Financial policies and procedures are developed and prepared for Board review.

A monthly financial report is prepared for Board meetings. Annual reports are generated for submittal to the SVDP Cape Cod and Islands District Council.

All donations, grants and contributed money is recorded, required reports are prepared for grant administrators. Assists with preparing data for grant applications and reports.
Financial counsel is provided to the conference President and the Pastor.




Secretary ~ Madeline Ambrose


The Secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the Conference. The minutes of the monthly Board of Directors are recorded and distributed for approval. All donations are acknowledged in writing with our heartfelt thanks.
The Secretary also acts as the conference historian.




Membership ~ Dotty Hiltz


As the growth of the conference continues to expand it has become necessary to record all of the 295 people who make the different ministries function. Each ministry tracks their volunteers and we record them by name address and contact information. The lists are updated quarterly.


The Town of Mashpee, Human Services Committee, awarded St. Vincent DePaul Society the “2009 Humanitarian Award” recognizing the work of our Vincentians which “goes above and beyond to make a positive contribution to the Town”. In these uncertain economic times there is a tremendous call to help those in need here in our parish.
We are pleased and humbled to receive this award and want to thank the 297 Vincentians for their hard work and dedication to the ministry. This award is also earned by all the parishioners of Christ the King Parish who continue to support the works of the St. Vincent DePaul Society.