The library is located behind the parish stage of the auditorium, door to the left. Its overall mission is to provide a welcoming space for the spiritual and educational enrichment of members and visitors of the parish community. Over 4,000 books, audio-


visuals, and periodicals are available for take-out. Staffed by volunteers after weekday and Sunday morning masses, the library remains open throughout the day. When volunteers are unavailable easy directions for take-out are posted.

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From its' humble beginnings over ten years ago, the library has adhered to its' original intention of providing wholesome Catholic values. A good number of these core areas including: Bible Study, Biographies of Saints, Church History and Church Documents have been accumulated, as well as large sections on both Prayer and Spirituality. At present over 40 different categories of offerings are found on our shelves, including topics as Inspirational, Parenting, Family Life, Women's Issues, and others.

Accessing the card file under Author, Title, or Subject facilitates finding a book or audio-visual. A short description of the offering is found on each card, as well as how to locate it on the shelf. New acquisitions are posted on the bulletin board, and also found on displays in the library. Periodic thematic displays are found in the entry. A database is maintained on computer, matching shelf offerings to database.


In recent years growth has especially occurred on our audio-visuals shelves. We offer Catholic videos, DVDs, and audio cassettes/CDs for adults and children. One shelf is dedicated to family viewing, encouraging families to view together and discuss. Currently a Children's' Bible Story Hour for 5 year olds takes place in the library during the religious education semesters. Children leave with a book and audio-visual each week, returning them the following week. This has enlivened the interest of families in the library.

During 2009, the library has undergone a couple of major changes under the guidance of the new minister coordinator. One of these changes has been the complete revamping of the display areas with the audio, video and children’s’ sections all relocated to the main portion of the library. This move specifically highlights the increasing usage and demand among these three categories.

To continue folibrary 4stering growth in all areas of interest nearly 350 new offerings have been made available during the 2010 fiscal year ending this past June 30.  We purchased a total 142 titles while receiving 200 plus new or nearly new donations from our patrons. These donations have allowed us to concentrate on our highest usage areas. We have had a wonderful response to our efforts with an overall usage increase year over year of 50%. The children’s book section usage is up by 95% and now accounts for 21% of our total usage. Another area responding to our focus is the audio/visual (DVDs and CDs) section whose usage is up by 55% and now accounts for 46% of our total usage. Due to a demonstrated need and multiple requests, we have included two books or a doubling for each month of Sister Shirley’s coordinated book of the month club. We have also set a designated area for the book club and another for resource materials for a bible study group.

We are thankful for the donations and gifts from various individuals or groups, especially from the Faith Formation ministry. Through these donations, we have been able to devote more of our limited available monetary resources to updating and converting from VHS and cassettes both the audio and video sections of our parish library. Check out our on-going book sale area which provides us with some of our funding to renew our offerings along with memorial and special acknowledgments made through your monetary donations.

Please drop in! Visitors are always welcomed, as well as volunteer to help us increase our reach. All in the service of the Lord!